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For Buyers

John Anderson of John Anderson Realty has been assisting New Hampshire buyers and sellers for nearly three decades. You need and deserve a consultant that represents you and your interests during the purchase of real estate.

Are you interested in buying or selling residential real estate in New Hampshire or Maine?  Before you begin working with a real estate licensee, it is important for you to understand that the laws of both states provide for different levels of brokerage service to buyers and sellers.  Please review the state-specific real estate commission forms below.  

How do you reach your real estate goals?


     John Anderson Realty helps clients attain their real estate goals through thoughtful discussion, planning, and most importantly, through careful listening to their requirements, hopes, and dreams.  Broker/Owner John Anderson has the extensive training, market knowledge, and expertise to provide you with the critical information you need long before the buying process begins.  Through a personal consultation, John Anderson Realty can create a plan that will meet your personal needs and desires.

     John is a real estate consultant and not a salesperson who merely sells goods and services.  A real estate consultant is one who gives expert, professional advice to all their clients.  You will quickly realize that there is an important difference in this attitude and approach to the purchase of real estate.  Diligence and patience replace the all-too-common trend of inattention and rush.  A real estate broker should not even attempt to "sell" you anything, but instead should professionally guide you through a sensible process in order for you to accomplish your pre-determined goals.

During the buying process with John Anderson Realty, you will have full access to all MLS listings.  The first step, however, is a professional consultation, after which an automated listing notification email system is set up.  This allows listings that are tailored to your parameters to be sent to you as soon as they appear on the market. John Anderson Realty will keep you ahead of the competition and will provide you with timely dissemination of pertinent listing information.

     At John Anderson Realty, clients are treated with respect and are carefully guided through their real estate transactions.  Too often in today's world of real estate, clients are left feeling that they are on their own during the buying process.  You, the buyer(s) will have your interests protected at all times by a highly-experienced buyer broker. This affords you full client level services, which protects you and your goals as well as provides you with a peace of mind.


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